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Japanese grater

>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last weekend I attended 2 consecutive cooking courses at La cocina de Babette (meaning Babette's kitchen), an "alternative" culinary school based in Madrid. But I'll talk about this later on, I haven't had the time to aprehend what I learnt.

Well, the thing is that this school has a shop with organic and uncommon food and also beautiful and uncommon kitchen gadgets... Allright, I confess: I spent an obscene amount of money on some tasty organic untoasted cashew nuts, some delicious organic cocoa butter and some aromatic organic coconut oil. Very sad, I agree. Besides half of the cashew nuts are already gone, pity that my eldest child likes them so much. Who said children should be taught to eat everything? Nonsense. Would you give caviar to your kids? No? Huh, that's better.

Stop beating around the bush. The subject of this post is that I also bought a gorgeous japanese porcelain grater for ginger, garlic and other things. I found this information in the web, at this website (sorry, in Spanish):

Oroshiki (下ろし器) Porcelain grater for the preparation of ginger, fresh wasabi, white turnip and other vegetable's pastes. The metallic graters, called oroshigane, are increasingly used though they lack charm and transfer some metallic taste to the vegetables.

I was struck by an arrow, it was love at first sight. You must admit it's soooo cute. Furthermore you can gather the paste with a brush, how posh. I love the kitchen tools that are simple, well designed and pretty at the same time. Also I have put it to the test for cleaning, and it's very easy to clean just by placing it under the sink tap, something very convenient if you grate garlic. I'm sure you must have cursed garlic some time in your life if you have used one of these gadgets, to hell with them (apologies to all garlic press makers out there).

Mmmm... love is a many splendoured thing...

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