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The Guest will be moving soon

>> Monday, April 8, 2013

DSC_2080 blog Hi... is anyone still out there? Yes, it's been quite a long time since my last post, so I wouldn't wonder there's no one left to listen to me. Life's been quite hectic around here and I haven't found the time to blog in English. Shame on me. But I want that to change, because The Winter Guest is in the process of moving to my Spanish blog, El invitado de invierno, which is in Wordpress and it's going to be bilingual (check the little language flag on the upper right corner). I have already moved all the entries and I'm working on adapting them to their new "home". It's already getting cosy down there...

So the thing is that if there's still anyone interested in following The Winter Guest, I kindly request you to follow El invitado de invierno, subscribe here to the English version or register for e-mail updates. I'm already publishing bilingual entries and, as I said, working on adapting the old entries, my collection of tapas among them, already to be found here.

While I tidy up a bit, I leave you with my last personal project, a series of weekly still lives that you can follow at my Tumblr or my Flickr account.
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