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A voyage through time and organic cereals

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

Last weekend we have made a voyage through time, to the 14th century, where we have discovered beautiful romanic churches...

we've seen the work of artisans and we've witnessed how a Queen was sent to exile...

we've tasted Medieval delicatessen and admired the birds of prey of the falconers...

But for me the best discovery of all has been to find an enterprising producer of spelt and other organic products in the vicinity of Sigüenza, named deSpelta. Of course, I could not help taking hold of two bags of another type of wheat called "trigo negrillo", black wheat... couldn't resist when I learnt that it is a native crop of the area, not very productive, but with excellent nutritional qualities and perfectly adapted to the harsh climate of the Alcarria region. It is grown by these producers with great care to recover a type of production that it's not "fashionable" any more. As I learnt from the vendor, it's a soft kind of wheat, not fit for breadmaking unless mixed with some other higher-gluten flour. I expect to use this very special flour to prepare some homemade pasta and Spanish crepes very soon... so stay tuned!

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